IT partnerships in Luxembourg

Luxinnovation, Chamber of Commerce and FEDIL

Luxfactory is proud to display its GOV. Certified Partner, a recognition from the Luxembourg government for our outstanding commitment to IT services and digital transformation.

Luxfactory is committed to providing high-quality, secure IT solutions that comply with current regulatory standards. Our team of qualified professionals is ready to work with government institutions to meet the complex challenges of digital transformation and ensure the success of companies’ digital initiatives.

Luxfactory: a solid network for digital transformation

At Luxfactory, we firmly believe in the power of partnerships to drive innovation and growth. We are proud to be associated with key players such as Luxinnovation, the Chamber of Commerce and FEDIL, creating a strong network to support digital transformation in Luxembourg.

Chamber of Commerce: a catalyst for growth

The Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce plays a central role in the country’s economic development. As partners, we benefit from their extensive network, resources and commitment to innovation and competitiveness. Together, we are exploring opportunities to stimulate the growth of Luxembourg’s digital ecosystem and strengthen Luxembourg’s position as a technology hub.

Luxinnovation: a partner in Innovation

Luxinnovation, as the national agency for the promotion of innovation and research, is an essential partner in our journey towards excellence. Their expertise in supporting innovative companies and their commitment to technological development make them a natural ally for Luxfactory. Thanks to this collaboration, in particular via the Digital Innovation Hub channel, we are able to remain at the forefront of the latest technological advances and offer our customers cutting-edge digitalization solutions.

Another IT partnership in Luxembourg: Fit 4 Digital

The Luxembourg government, via its national agency Luxinnovation, has launched the Fit 4 Digital program to support Luxembourg SMEs on their journey towards digitalization. As an accredited partner, Luxfactory offers in-depth digitalization audits, providing a clear vision of the digital situation of companies with fewer than 250 employees and sales of less than €50 million.

FEDIL: a trusted industrial partner

As a member of FEDIL (Fédération des Industriels Luxembourgeois), Luxfactory joins forces with a key player in the industrial sector. This collaboration enables us to understand the specific challenges faced by industrial companies in their digital transformation. We work in tandem with FEDIL to offer market-recognized solutions and support our industrial customers throughout their digitalization journey.

A partnership focused on innovation and digital transformation

Our strategic partnerships with Luxinnovation, the Chamber of Commerce and FEDIL are rooted in a shared vision of Luxembourg’s digital future. By combining our strengths, we are determined to shape a dynamic technological ecosystem, conducive to innovation and sustainable growth. Together, we are exploring new opportunities, proposing innovative solutions and actively contributing to Luxembourg’s digital transformation.

At Luxfactory, these partnerships are not simply alliances, but exciting collaborations that pave the way for a promising digital future. We’re delighted to be playing an active role in this journey, hand-in-hand with our key partners, to take Luxembourg to new technological heights.