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Luxfactory Digital Offers

e-Invoicing: cut invoice processing time/costs by a factor of 3
Field Service Management
FSM: Multiply your field efficiency by at least 3
Entreprise Resource Planning
ERP: Track your company’s costs and financial flows in real time

e-Invoicing :

Automate your processes and secure your invoices


Sales – Process your sales faster

Create and send a new invoice in minutes.
Easily create new documents from sample templates. Convert a quotation or purchase order into an invoice in just a few clicks, and send it immediately online to your customer.
Your invoices are sent faster, and you get paid faster.

Purchasing – Process your invoices and receipts digitally

Set up your suppliers’ invoices to arrive automatically in LeIS. Our intelligent software will read them automatically, leaving you with no data to enter.

Digitize your receipts and store all your documents in the cloud. This way, you’ll never have to search for your paper documents again.

Automate your administrative tasks – Create a link with your bank and avoid repetitive work

Create a link between your bank account and LeIS and keep an overview of your company’s financial situation. When you receive a payment from your customers, it will automatically be associated with the correct invoice. Your suppliers can even pay you directly in LeIS.
Thanks to practical dashboards, you always have the most up-to-date information on your sales and purchases.

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FSM (Field Service Management):

Follow your teams live


Planning & travel optimization

FSM software optimizes travel and service planning. Field technicians can view their schedules, itineraries and details of past and future interventions, enabling them to optimize travel and minimize non-productive time.

Live access to all information

Instant access to all critical data and information. Managers and technicians in the field can consult equipment details, intervention procedures, plans, diagrams, maintenance histories, etc. directly from their mobile devices.

Real-time intervention management

Field managers and technicians can manage interventions in real time, directly from their mobile devices: work orders, intervention status, entry of intervention reports, communication with the team…. improving coordination, responsiveness and efficiency.

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Follow your company live

Global visibility of the company for the manager

Instant overview of all key company indicators: accounting, sales, costs, production, logistics, etc.

Better cost control

Extended and instantaneous overview of all company-related costs, via KPIs adapted to the activity in question

Optimization of all processes linked to company operations

An ERP system covers all the company’s key departments: customer relations, sales, human resources, finance, purchasing, production, after-sales service, etc. An ERP system enables the planning of the company’s various resources and guarantees better communication in the short term, by eliminating repetitive processes and reducing the risk of errors impacting production and profitability.
At the same time, customers benefit from the advantages of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), with centralized information, improved inventory control, quality monitoring, etc. This means that sales teams can concentrate on high value-added tasks, such as better management of order processing and customer interactions.

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